One Flew South™ is the first upscale dining experience in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Diners can enjoy spirited global fare featuring premium ingredients from regional farmers and purveyors. One Flew South™ serves proper cocktails and features an exceptional sushi menu and take-away items. The restaurant presents an enticing culinary destination for travelers braving the world’s busiest airport.

A background on the Japanese calligraphic mark found on the sushi was written by a gentlemen named Gengo, who is the ranking priest of the Soto School in North America -- one of 3 different schools of Zen Buddhism in Japan: Rinzai, Soto & Obaku. As the sokan (or "archbishop") of Soto Zen in North America, Gengo's writing is held in high regard. It reads, from left to right: ichi-nan-shu: Ichi (One) Nan (South) Shu (Flew). Shu is a poetic word for flew, and all the strokes in the shu character are drawn to represent feathers.